Our primary aim with this page is to showcase a treasure trove of fantastic ideas for exploring the numerous adventures and exciting locales available during your stay in our charming Tiny Homes, Cabins (and RV park ~ ask us to stay in the RV park) area. Our locations span across the foothills of Texas Hill Country, with even more destinations on the horizon!

Adventures around Tiny Town at GSD Ranch, Hico TX

  • Dinosaur Valley State Park (Glen Rose, TX) – 23 miles south of Hico, you can see dinosaur tracks in the riverbed and enjoy hiking and picnicking.
  • Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (Glen Rose, TX) – 20 miles south of Hico, this wildlife center offers guided wildlife tours where you can see exotic animals.
  • Billy the Kid Museum (Hico, TX) – Located right in Hico, this museum showcases memorabilia related to the famous outlaw.
  • Stephenville, Texas – 15 miles west of Hico, Stephenville has a historic downtown, Tarleton State University, and various dining options.
  • Chalk Mountain Services Winery (Chalk Mountain, TX) – 10 miles southeast of Hico, this winery offers wine tastings in a scenic setting.
  • Bosque River Center (Meridian, TX) – 20 miles north of Hico, this shopping center features antiques, collectibles, and specialty shops.
  • Bosque Bottoms Hiking Trail (Meridian, TX) – Located in Meridian State Park, about 20 miles north of Hico, this trail offers beautiful views of the Bosque River.
  • Pecan Plantation Country Club (Granbury, TX) – 25 miles northeast of Hico, this country club offers golfing and dining.
  • Acton State Historic Site (Granbury, TX) – 25 miles northeast of Hico, this site includes the gravesite of Elizabeth Crockett, widow of Davy Crockett.
  • Glen Rose Square (Glen Rose, TX) – 23 miles south of Hico, this historic downtown area has shops, restaurants, and art galleries.
  • Bull Lion Ranch & Vineyard (just 6 miles to Rt 22 ~ great wine tasting area)
  • Silver Star Winery (Downtown Hico) lovely tasting room.

Adventures around Tiny Town at Lake Eastland, Eastland, TX

  • Eastland County Courthouse (Eastland, TX) – A historic courthouse located right in Eastland.
  • Eastland County Museum (Eastland, TX) – Explore the history of the region through exhibits and artifacts.
  • Ranger Historical Preservation Society (Ranger, TX) – Approximately 12 miles southwest of Eastland, this museum focuses on the history of Ranger, Texas.
  • Lake Leon (Eastland, TX) – Enjoy fishing, boating, and picnicking at this nearby reservoir.
  • Cisco, Texas – 13 miles east of Eastland, Cisco offers historic sites and downtown shopping.
  • Olden Community Center (Olden, TX) – 10 miles northwest of Eastland, this community center hosts events and has a playground.
  • Lake Cisco (Cisco, TX) – A smaller lake offering outdoor recreation, including fishing and camping.
  • Lakeside Park (Cisco, TX) – Enjoy a peaceful picnic and scenic views of Lake Cisco.
  • Hog Mountain (Rising Star, TX) – 16 miles southeast of Eastland, this hill provides panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  • Gorman, Texas – 18 miles southwest of Eastland, Gorman features historic sites and a small-town atmosphere.
  • Broken X Winery, Cisco 10 miles
  • Blue Duck Winery, Cisco 10 miles
  • Bear Creek Taphouse, Downtown Eastland, 3 miles
  • MJs Back Porch outdoor Restaurant, 1 mile just down the road, music sometimes!
  • Mae’s Meat Market ~ Texas Bucket List – highlighted on TV! A delicious restaurant or meat market!

We offer unique tiny home experience  that surpass the standard hotel room stay! Our accommodations feature comfortable beds, fully-equipped kitchens, and impeccably maintained homes, all prepared to welcome you with open arms.

Select from a wide array of captivating Texas Foothills area attractions that align with your interests and family-friendly activities to curate an unforgettable Vacation Your Way.

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